Jul 29, 2014

Hello, capripants!

Photos by Mary

Last time I wore bermudas and this morning I took out also another midi pants. I always try to dress in something different than just in shorts or mini skirts (what I most often seen in streets), because I prefer more avant garde fashion in connection with men's fashion, so it's not necessary to keep the legs as optically longest as we can keep and then wear just the shortest shorts or the longest elastic leggins (skinny pants)...
...with the highest heeled shoes or ballerinas...and a top and...that's all?
Well, everyone knows that I love outfit-layering in every season (ok, if you don't know, that's a thing you should know about me), you can see on my previous outfit, but today I couldn't stand for that really hot weather with clouds and I always asked myself ,,what the fuck is the weather doing? Is it going to rain or not?" of course yes, but when... So I couldn't wear nothing more, just two pieces... (ok, sometimes/this time is less more...)
I took my new partly laced body, it doesn't look like as too much as underwear or some ,,home wear" and my also new capripants! I adore them! I bought them few days ago in F&F Store (in discounts!) and I have no words to describe how happy am I! Fortunately, I didn't go too far from home so I wear after a long time my tip toe midi pumps for comfortable walk and large Prada sunnies for hide my ,,morning face" :D
Just put the styling gel on my hair and went for breakfast!

outfit: ( body, pumps - H&M; capripants - F&F; sunnies - Prada )
make-up: ( cleaned face, Neutrogena deep moisture comfort balm, Zoeva Concealer Camouflage Palette, Alverde Eyebrow set, Yes To Carrots Lip Butter -mint )


Jul 27, 2014

power suit

Photos by Mary

Summer with storm and sun alternating leads us often to embarrass what to wear. Well, it's been a long time since I showed you my latest look, but I think that almost nothing has changed, just got few new pieces of clothes in my wardrobe, nothing more. One of them is this black zippy vest, shirt from Jennyfer and bow tie with metal tips from Parfois and of course these Vans sunnies from current new collection, look great wear them together or no? Also with my favourite bermudas and Adidas Originals gymsack! And if you like my ZARA flatform sandals from spring collection, you can buy them now in stores for only 500 CZK!! (good thing they didn't have my size, when I was in store!)
Do you remember the time when I loved the high huge buns and I always wore them? Not? So, maybe you have to look at my blog history, because now I'm everyday in love with wet looks, low mini buns parted in the middle or on the side and still with bold eyebrows and bold lips, shaded face (cheekbones and nose) and according my outfit I'll choose the colour and type of eyelines or no lines with shades or not...

outfit: ( shirt - Jennyfer; bow tie - Parfois; vest, flatforms - Zara; bermudas - Marks&Spencer; belt - Reserved; gymsack - Adidas Originals; sunnies - Vans )
make-up: ( Zoeva Concealer Camouflage Palette, INGLOT AMC Pressed Powder, Alverde Eyebrow set, Bourjois Max Definition mascara, KIKO Make-up Milano Matte red lipstick )

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Jul 24, 2014


We had a multicultural food, so we had the instead of the Chinese alcohol bohemia sekt...

fruity land 
meatballs wrapped with glutinous rice with goji 
sweet purple potato pancakes

yellow and green zucchini with curry 
tremella and red dates soup with dried chinese yam, lotus core and longans
venison and chicken with vegetables (peppers, mushrooms, judas ear, beans, baby corn)
turkey soup with a kind of riverweed and goji
tomato soup with home produced chicken eggs

tofu with sour chinese cabagge and mini shrimps
pork plate

cucumber salad with fresh tofu and black sesame seeds 
pangasius with ,,sea caterpillars" and vegetables 
sweet purple potato pancakes
fried chilli noodles 

chicken with honey

lightly steamed broccoli and shrimp (with oyster dip)
frog legs with vegetables
marinated vegetables with bamboo shoots and mushrooms
meatballs wrapped with glutinous rice with goji 

20.th July, it was one of the most important and the happiest days in my life. Finally I turned 18, so I am now ,,big girl" by the documents and all ,,papers" (...oh my God!), but...! But I already feel like an adult long time hahah... Actually, I visually look older (I hope!), so it's not so big change.

I just wanna say a big THANK YOU  for all my readers, who didn't stop follow me even though I haven't current much time to write about my wonderful life (ehm, wonderful according me!), but trust me, everytime I do everything to write as often as possible! It doesn't mean, that my ,,personal website'' is not important, that means, my blog is the most important, because it's the only thing, that could wait for me, wait for it before my dreams come true...

Thanks everyone for waiting, thanks for all messages and requests on social sites and interest about me, see you soon here!

P.S. However, I just want you show you how I celebrated my birthday (only the main lunch-dinned-we ate the whole day hahah and also had a barbicue, but no unfortunately no photos), I did few birthday picnics with friends from my campus life, with boyfriend and had a Gourmet B-DAY Party at home with my mommy, daddy and sis, only they know that good food makes a good lifestyle and good lifestyle makes us happy! We don't need anything else, just be happy and I am!